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The John Barnes Approach® To Myofascial Release and Unwinding

The John Barnes Approach® to Myofascial Release (MFR) - This is NOT a massage  

Every muscle is composed of fascicles, fibers, fibrils, micro fibrils and cells bound together within a bundle. Each component is surrounded by and inter penetrated by fascia. Fascia covers bones, organs, nerves, and even cells. Malfunctions of the fascial system due to trauma, poor posture or even inflammation can affect this system forming restrictions in movement, resulting in pain. Poor posture can be caused by stooping over (not standing up straight), hunching over a computer keyboard, game or phone or even just shortening of muscle due to lack of use.  

Notice how the shoulders tend to rotate or move forward in either yourself or others. This causes the arms to rotate inward too so that when standing with the arms dangling the back of the hands face forward. Our natural postural stance is such than when our arms hang naturally at our sides the palms face the body and thumbs point forward. With the internal rotation of the shoulders there is tightness is the chest, we are unable to breathe correctly, which affects our entire body because of a lack of proper oxygenation, and we retain more CO2 which causes oxidation to cells, a cycle that can lead to disease.

 There is often is an emotional component to physical trauma and pain, especially long term pain. Myofascial Unwinding can gently allow the memory of the trauma to be unwound from the body at the cellular level. This happens spontaneously, painlessly and without effort. Often when this happens the client tends to giggle, laugh or be astounded that the body is moving on its own.  It may seem disorienting but it is quite natural for the body to do this unwinding on its own. The human body was created to heal itself, if we just allow it to. I am able to assist with this aspect and happy to provide the safe space for this to happen.

Fascia has 2 forms: one covers organs and muscles like what you see on a cut of beef (that white membrane holding it together), the other forms a liquid crystal matrix, considered the ground substance of the body, that every blood, lymph vessel and nerve fiber runs through.  When there is an injury this substance hardens in that area of injury and forms a spider web like matrix that affects other areas of the body connected to the injury.  Often it doesn't even make sense that we slip on ice and land on our posterior or a hip but feel pain much later in an area that seems totally unconnected, like the opposite elbow, or jaw. The Myofascial system is completely interconnected. An injury can exert up to 2000 pounds of force resembling a straight jacket to protect the body, long after the injury has happened. 

MFR uses various methods of "melting" knots of injured area by gentle to deep pressure holds to the area being treated for a minimum of 5 minutes each until movement occurs. It corrects body function by returning the solidified fascia to its natural liquid crystalline state and allows the body to release the memory of the injury and return to homeostasis.

Often, several sessions scheduled close together are needed to address the different points of holding patterns. All session times include postural analysis before and after, and body work.

Initial Evaluation and MFR Session     1.5 hrs - $110

Follow up session times can vary to suit your needs, financial and time constraints. Pricing is as follows:

1 Hour - $75           you may add additional 15 min increments at $20 each

Multi session discounts are available if paid in advance. Ask about this at your initial appointment and eval.

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